10 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Depression

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Positive affirmations are short statements that can help you eliminate negative thoughts and view the world from an empowered perspective. In addition to providing examples of positive affirmations for depression and anxiety, today’s post also explores the benefits of incorporating them into your daily life.

10 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Here are 10 positive affirmations for anxiety:

  1. I am safe in this moment.
  2. I can handle whatever challenges come my way.
  3. I trust myself and I believe in myself.
  4. When I inhale, I breathe in peace and serenity. When I exhale, I breathe out fear and worry.
  5. I have the power to choose how I feel and how I act.
  6. I can acknowledge my emotions without being controlled by them.
  7. Today, I won’t worry about what I can’t control.
  8. I refuse to let anxiety rob my life of joy.
  9. Today, I choose to focus on hope and gratitude.
  10. I am confident, I am strong, and I am enough.

10 Positive Affirmations for Depression

The following are examples of positive affirmations for depression:

  1. I deserve the same love and support that I give to others.
  2. Today, I will treat myself with compassion and respect.
  3. I am stronger than my depression.
  4. This darkness will pass. 
  5. I deserve to feel safe, happy, and loved.
  6. Depression has never defeated me, and it never will.
  7. I am not defined by my flaws or my mistakes.
  8. I can create the future I deserve.
  9. I am becoming the person I want to be.
  10. I am enough, exactly as I am.

Benefits of Saying Affirmations to Yourself

The positive affirmations for anxiety and depression that we discussed in the previous two sections can deliver valuable messages about your strength and resilience. 

But the benefits of affirmations aren’t limited to their content. The simple act of saying (or even thinking about) affirmations can have a tremendous positive impact on your mood and mindset. Here are three examples of how this can occur:

  • Affirmations are reminders to yourself that you can exert control over how you think and act. If you have been living with anxiety or depression, these disorders can cause you to assume the worst of yourself or the world around you. Affirmations demonstrate that you are not trapped by these negative thoughts. Even in moments of deepest despair, you can summon hope for a better tomorrow.
  • Affirmations can help you reprogram your brain. Thousands of years ago, hypervigilance (a sense of being constantly in danger) was a necessary survival tool. Today, vestiges of this brain function can cause reflexive negative thoughts. Starting your day with positive thoughts and emotions can prevent your brain from automatically interpreting events from a threat-based perspective.
  • Affirmations encourage you to pause and be present in the moment. While you’re focused on your affirmation, you’re not worrying about what might happen later in the day or beating yourself up over something that occurred yesterday. This can introduce you to the power of mindfulness and meditation, which are often incorporated into treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

Please note that there’s no right or wrong way to incorporate positive affirmations into your life. 

For example, many people like to begin their day by focusing on a specific positive affirmation for a few quiet moments. Others also use affirmations as a way of concluding their day and preparing for a restful night’s sleep. Affirmations can also be valuable self-soothing tools during moments of crisis or in the immediate aftermath of particularly stressful experiences.

What’s most important is that you find a few affirmations that resonate with you, and that you use them in the manner that is most beneficial to you.

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Positive affirmations for depression and anxiety can make a real difference in your life. But depending on the nature and severity of your symptoms, affirmations alone may not be enough to help you achieve the healthier future that you deserve. 

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