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Our Team

JD Kalmenson Founder of Conscious Health Center in Los Angeles

JD Kalmenson
- Founder, CEO

JD Kalmenson is the Founder and CEO of several behavioral healthcare companies operating in Southern California and Arizona. Notable among these are Conscious Health, a concierge ketamine therapy center in Los Angeles, Renewal Health Group, a network of comprehensive addiction treatment centers, Montare Behavioral Health, offering dynamic mental health treatment services, and Zenith Behavioral Health, comprising top-tier psychiatric hospitals and adolescent treatment facilities.

Elliott Liebhard Founder of Conscious Health in Los Angeles

Elliott Liebhard
- Founder, CFO

Elliott Liebhard serves as a co-founder and chief financial officer for a group of behavioral healthcare companies, which includes Renewal Behavioral Health Group, Montare Behavioral Health Group, Zenith Behavioral Health, and Conscious Health and Wellness Centers. In his role, Elliott is responsible for providing leadership and overseeing the development of financial infrastructure and strategic planning. His visionary approach has contributed to the establishment of these organizations as leaders in providing compassionate care, characterized by values of empathy, authenticity, and purpose.

Dr Brad Zehring

Dr. Brad Zehring
- Medical Director

Dr. Brad Zehring established Conscious Health and Wellness with a desire to deliver expert psychiatric treatment for any individual struggling from a mood, stress, anxiety or attention disorder. Throughout Dr. Zehring’s training he has seen the gaps and lack of psychiatric care available for individuals with these disorders and aims to provide a better path forward. Furthermore, Dr. Zehring believes the psychiatrist needs to understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual causes that contribute to creating and maintaining health and address them accordingly.

Ian Howard

Ian Howard
- Director of Integration Services

Ian Howard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a BA in Sociology and Ethnic Studies from the University of California Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of San Francisco. Ian began his work leading clinical teams in non-profit organizations that serve low-income families and teens in the Los Angeles area. He has since gone on to work as a Clinical Director for intensive outpatient and inpatient treatment centers. He specializes in developing individualized treatment plans which foster unique and powerful outcomes for the clients he serves. Guided by a brand of spiritual psychology, The Three Principles, Ian's philosophy of health is no matter who you are or where you are coming from, you are one thought away from the person you want to become. Leading Conscious Health and Wellness' Integration Services, Ian works with clients to explore meaningful understanding in their everyday lives, finding easier pathways to forgiveness, love, appreciation and laughter.

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