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Welcome to Conscious Health & Wellness Center, your destination for innovative Ketamine Therapy in Los Angeles, CA, offering a new path to those seeking mental health solutions beyond traditional treatments.

Conscious Health Center
Conscious Health Center
13 Google reviews
Abe S
It had been a great experience beginning therapy with conscious health.
Jaime Holland
Conscious Health and EMBP literally saved my life. I was hopeless, fearful, debilitating anxiety and panic, could not sleep for decade, racing thoughts, a sense of doom that paralyzed me. I could not remember anything, my eye sight was declining quickly. My health was very bad for years and I didn’t think I could make it another day and that went on for a couple of years. I was in horrific pain and have several auto immune diseases. I prayed for God to take me because I tried everything to get better and nothing helped. I just kept declining. I received an EEG and the team shared everything I had been going through since childhood. They read on the EEG the things I was saying, thinking and feeling yet others didn’t believe me. I was told unkind things about what I was going through such as looking for attention, making up stories, a hypochondriac and worse. I’ll never forget when I finally felt I was healing and it was real and EMBP has corrected almost every symptom I was experiencing and I noticed the change after the first session. EMBP not only saved my life it had made me love life, feel joy, have hope. I used to shake non stop from my nervous system being so damaged and now I can drink coffee without spilling it, drive without fear. I can complete thoughts without my mind racing.because my executive functioning has improved so much so my 2nd EEG proves it. I enjoyed a wonderful hike, noticed the beauty in nature, the fragrance of the flowers. I also enjoyed seeing the ocean and hearing the waves crashing. I felt peace, joy and gratitude. If you are suffering and nothing works I give you my word EMBP will change your life and give your body a chance to heal from physical illnesses that could not heal due to the condition of our brain. I am having my very sick son get EMBP because I know it will help him as it has been my miracle! Conscious Health from the moment you walk in you can feel healing energy, the team is so loving, kind and spiritual. Dr.Jin is brilliant, Dr. Marlon Rollins cares so much and just being around him is magic, sweet angel Melondy is so sweet and Monica Montoya is everything to me. The team cares about you and knows each persons needs are different and this amazing team and others I did not mention will create a healing treatment plan that works. I have tried everything, spent every penny I had, my life’s savings, 401K to try to heal from many things and for me EMBP is healing everything all at once with zero side effects except JOY💫 I have so much hope in my life and see the beauty in life again. I have hope for every person who needs healing and tried EMBP. All I can say is it’s been my Miracle❤️💫
Strongly recommend! I received TMS treatment at Conscious, and every step of the process was a wonderful experience. 5 stars ⭐️ Special shout out to Omid and Melondy for always going above and beyond!
Douglas Caine, PsyD
I am a doctor of psychology with my own multi-decade history of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) After years of successfully treating my own symptoms, I experienced a horrible regression toward the end of 2023. The symptoms were pervasive, deeply troubling, and included suicidal ideation. After just a two-week series of treatments by the remarkable staff here, my symptoms decreased dramatically in frequency, duration, and severity. I found every staff member to be attentive, compassionate, and deeply invested in my recovery. I’m greatly pleased to be able to offer their services to my own patients who also suffer from MDD. I completed treatment a few months ago, and I find sustained improvements in sleep, mood, libido, and motivation.
alexa ciulla
to say i had an amazing experience with them would be a massive understatement. Conscious health has allowed me to explore other health options to help with debilitating symptoms of mental health as well as an autoimmune disease diagnosis. Marlon jumped right in and immediately started to brainstorms all possible options. I cannot thank everyone enough for the passion and support.
Conscious Health and Wellness is a top notch organization. The staff are knowledgeable, caring, professional and fun to be around. I tried their EMBP treatment for peak brain performance and was impressed with the results. The first thing I noticed was increased sleep quality- which in turn led to improved memory and cognition. All this took place in less than two weeks and without any medication! I plan on going back to try additional services. I highly recommend giving them a try!
Saro Altinoglu, Psy.D.
Last Friday, I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Marlon of Conscious Health to explore their diverse range of services within the mental health domain. A standout revelation during our discussion was the comprehensive nature of the EMBP treatment, meticulously tailored to individual clients and showcasing a broad spectrum of clinical benefits across various mental health conditions. Dr. Marlon's unwavering dedication to client well-being, coupled with his extensive education and genuine commitment to advancing the mental health field, left a profound impression. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Conscious Health and its innovative services to the community.
Shmuel Perl
Omid makes it all worth it, a true asset to the health Center!
Merve Postalcıoğlu
I came to conscious health for a demo of their vibroacoustic therapy and wow. I had an incredible experience using the sound lounge and healing. I was able to heal parts of my mind and body that I didn’t know I needed. I highly recommend!!
Sarah R Goodbee
I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Conscious Health Center. Having battled on and off with depression since my teenage years and now in my fifties, I've explored numerous avenues in search of healing. While my primary path is CBT which involves redirecting my thoughts towards positivity, there were still moments when I found myself inexplicably slipping into dark moods. Enter Conscious Health Center and their revolutionary TMS treatment. Initially hopeful yet slightly skeptical, I embarked on a journey that has transformed my life. After just 10 sessions, the difference is undeniable. It has been a while since I found myself descending into the abyss of my mind's darkest corners. It's as though a weight has been lifted, and I'm forever grateful to the incredible team at Conscious Health Center for guiding me through this profound change. I'm filled with hope knowing that they will continue to bring such transformative results to others in need. If you're seeking a beacon of light in your journey towards mental wellness, look no further than Conscious Health Center. They've certainly made a believer out of me.

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