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Welcome to Conscious Health & Wellness Center, your destination for innovative Ketamine Therapy in Los Angeles, CA, offering a new path to those seeking mental health solutions beyond traditional treatments.

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Medically Reviewed on: April 2024

What is Ketamine? From Clinical Origins to Modern Mental Health Breakthroughs

With varying opinions, beliefs, and histories being described of this effective medication, you may be asking, “What is Ketamine?” Historically, Ketamine was developed in the 1960s as an anesthetic for medical procedures [1]. Its reliable anesthetic properties and safety profile quickly made it a staple in operating rooms and battlefields worldwide for sedation.

However, like many substances with potent effects on the brain as a psychedelic, Ketamine found its way into illicit use, gaining notoriety as a recreational drug [2]. This diversion created a stigma, overshadowing its legitimate medical applications for decades. That said, if you or someone you love has undergone surgery that required anesthesia, Ketamine may have been used, as it still used by many surgeons.

Despite its controversial past, the new age of ketamine in the realm of mental health [3] has been groundbreaking. Clinicians and researchers have pivoted towards its remarkable potential as a rapid-acting antidepressant, particularly for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation (SI), and other mental health disorders.

Administered under strict medical supervision, pharmaceutical-grade ketamine is helping to rewrite the narrative, showing that, when used responsibly and therapeutically, it can be a vital tool in the clinician’s arsenal for mental health treatment.

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Mental Health Conditions Ketamine Can Address







Other Mood Disorders

Answering FAQ About Ketamine Therapy

Learn about Ketamine and the specialized therapy we offer here at Conscious Health from Ian Howard

Recognizing the Need for Change: The Struggle with Mental Health

In life, silent struggles with mental health issues often go unnoticed. Despite trying various treatments, many find themselves still searching for effective relief.

Our approach to Ketamine Therapy is tailored to address a range of conditions:

  • Depression: Patients often experience significant improvement, finding new paths to emotional wellness. [4]

  • Anxiety: Ketamine Therapy can be a key tool in regaining control, restoring a sense of peace and stability. [5]

  • PTSD and Other Mood Disorders: The therapy is effective in processing traumatic memories, aiding in emotional healing and breakthroughs. [6]

From depression to PTSD, our tailored Ketamine Therapy provides significant improvements, offering new paths to emotional wellness and stability.

Exploring Ketamine Therapy: Understanding Its Potential

“How does Ketamine work?” This pivotal question leads many to our doors. Ketamine’s unique interaction with brain neurotransmitters offers rapid and effective relief, especially for treatment-resistant conditions.

Our ketamine therapy program in Los Angeles adheres to strict protocols to ensure the safety of our patients:

  • Controlled Administration: We administer ketamine in carefully monitored dosages.

  • Professional Oversight: Each session is vigilantly overseen by our team of experts.

  • Post-Session Care: Comprehensive aftercare addresses any potential side effects.

In our clinic, Ketamine Therapy is both therapeutic and transformative. Patients embark on a journey marked by personal insights and a deeper understanding of their mental health.

How Effective is Ketamine Therapy?

You may have asked yourself, “Does ketamine therapy work?” or “Is ketamine therapy legit?” 

Based on data from the Weekly PHQ-9 and GAD-7 assessments and a monthly review using a mania rating scale, DAST-10, and BDI, 87% of patients showed improvement in their symptoms. These are patients who were grappling with depression, anxiety, and other challenges, who had previous unsuccessful attempts with different forms of treatment. 

This data is also used to continuously monitor ways in which we can improve our treatments with the ever-evolving landscape of ketamine-assisted therapy. 

Many patients transition from other facilities that claim to be the “best ketamine clinics” into Conscious Health, drawn by our personalized and comprehensive approach, which enhances the healing these patients were seeking through ketamine therapy, compared to ketamine doctors who can prescribe ketamine, without other services.


of our ketamine therapy patients report significant relief from depression.

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Understanding Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

It’s important to understand it as a modern breakthrough in mental health treatment. Here’s what you can expect from our program: 

  • Safety and Expertise: Each session is conducted by professionals with a deep understanding of ketamine’s therapeutic potential.
  • Integration and Application: We prioritize the integration of ketamine’s effects into your life for long-lasting change.

How to Prepare for Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Preparing for ketamine-assisted therapy is an essential step in ensuring the most beneficial and impactful experience. Conscious Health’s approach emphasizes safety, comfort, and readiness to enhance the therapeutic process. Here’s how to prepare for your session: 

Guidance from trained, licensed ketamine providers at Conscious Health is the best way to ensure you prepare adequately for your upcoming treatment. Our team will guide you through the preparation process, ensuring you are informed, comfortable, and ready for the transformative experience. 

By meticulously preparing for your ketamine-assisted therapy session, you set the stage for a transformative experience that aligns with Conscious Health’s commitment to your mental well-being. [7] [8]

Our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy modality for sessions is based on the three principles of transpersonal psychology:

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Understanding the role of perception in mental health.

TMS Therapy Icon


Exploring the power of thoughts in shaping reality.



Uncovering the deep connections between individual consciousness and universal experience.

Guided by the leadership and expertise of Dr. Brad Zehring and our clinical team, you can be assured of a ketamine treatment experience that prioritizes your safety and efficacy. Our holistic treatment plans are meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs.

What sets Conscious Health's ketamine treatment program apart?

A Dedicated Team: With four medical professionals dedicated to each case, our service offers a concierge-like experience. You can also Witness the transformation of your brain with our EEG capabilities, before and after our 12-week program. Intertwined with the medication-assisted treatment of ketamine, you receive therapeutic guidance to enhance the breakthroughs and experiences you uncovered with the medication, allowing for tools to be learned, emotional healing, and overall wellness, which had been missing from other providers or past treatment attempts.

Conscious Health is at the forefront of the best transpersonal psychology programs involving ketamine-assisted therapy. Our ketamine-assisted therapy services are crafted to support individuals and couples through innovative mental health treatments.

Our Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Services in Los Angeles

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
(Same Day Therapy):

During ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, clients undergo a session where ketamine is administered under medical supervision, followed immediately by therapeutic engagement. This means that the psychotherapy session occurs while the ketamine is active, allowing individuals to explore their inner landscape with enhanced openness and receptivity.

Ketamine Integration Therapy

• Day One: Clients receive ketamine administration in a setting that is safe, controlled, and professionally supervised, ensuring the best possible experience and outcome.

• Day Two: In the integration therapy session, clients work with a clinician to explore and make sense of the experiences and insights gained from the ketamine session which is crucial in applying these insights to daily life, potentially leading to profound and lasting changes.

Ketamine Couples Therapy

• Enhance your relationship with our ketamine-assisted couples therapy, a transformative experience for partners seeking more profound connection and resolution of shared mental health challenges.

Innovative Ketamine Treatment in Los Angeles for Transformative Healing

We specialize in a variety of ketamine treatments, offering relief and hope for those who have found traditional approaches insufficient. Our evidence-backed ketamine therapies have been instrumental in providing significant improvement for 80% of our patients grappling with depression, anxiety, and other challenges, who had previous unsuccessful attempts with other forms of treatment.

Treatment Options

Ketamine Nasal Spray Treatment (Esketamine)

Ketamine Nasal Spray Treatment is offered using a brand name medication by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Its active ingredient is Esketamine, which is an intranasal ketamine-derivative. This medication has emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals battling Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD).

Breaking the Chains of Treatment-Resistance

For many who have endured the frustration of conventional treatments yielding limited results, Ketamine Nasal Spray Treatment offers a lifeline. It’s specifically designed to address treatment-resistant depression as well as Major Depressive Disorder with Suicidal Ideation (MDD,SI). This offers a renewed sense of optimism in mental health treatments.

A Landmark FDA Approval

Ketamine Nasal Spray Treatment’s designation as the sole FDA-approved [4] ketamine treatment for depression underscores its efficacy and safety. This distinction reflects extensive research and positive patient outcomes. With the FDA seal of approval, patients can trust in the safety and reliability of Ketamine Nasal Spray Treatment as a treatment option. Our Conscious Health & Wellness Center team is well-versed in administering this therapy under medical supervision.

Oral Ketamine

Charting a New Course in Mental Health

Oral Ketamine, also referred to as “Reformed Ketamine” or Arketamine, represents a sophisticated evolution of traditional ketamine therapy. While ketamine’s rapid antidepressant properties are well-documented, Oral Ketamine distinguishes itself by effectively addressing mood disorders like anxiety and depression, as well as trauma-related conditions. Despite its unconventional nature, research indicates significant reductions in depressive symptoms in a relatively short timeframe.

Quick and Lasting Relief

Traditional treatments often require weeks to take effect, but Oral Ketamine is lauded for its swift action. Many patients notice a substantial decrease in anxiety and distress soon after their initial session. Unlike temporary solutions, Oral Ketamine’s benefits are frequently long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent sessions and promoting sustained well-being.

IV Ketamine

Revolutionizing Mental Health Care

Intravenous Ketamine Infusions, also known as “IV Ketamine,” is a transformative advancement in the field of ketamine therapy. Renowned for its rapid antidepressant effects, IV Ketamine is also proving highly effective in treating anxiety disorders and trauma-related conditions. This novel treatment has demonstrated remarkable improvements in depressive symptoms. Ketamine treatment demonstrates high efficacy far faster and more effectively than other treatments available for those with conditions like depression.

Immediate and Enduring Relief

Where traditional treatments might take weeks to show efficacy, IV Ketamine is celebrated for its rapid onset. Many individuals experience a significant reduction in anxiety and distress after just one infusion. Unlike some treatments that offer only transient relief, IV Ketamine’s effects are typically prolonged, leading to fewer required sessions and a more direct path to mental health recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

These therapies are carefully selected to enhance the antidepressant effects of ketamine, promote personal growth, and ensure life-long mental health improvements.

A good candidate for ketamine treatment for depression or other mental health is typically someone with treatment-resistant depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, or other mood disorders who has not responded to traditional medications and psychotherapy. It is also important that the person is under the care of a qualified healthcare provider. If you’ve asked yourself before “Why aren’t my depression medications working? Or “Why has therapy not worked to treat my mental health?” you are likely a good fit for ketamine treatment!

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy is a transformative therapeutic modality that combines the pharmacological effects of ketamine with the supportive framework of psychotherapy. This innovative treatment is designed to catalyze profound mental health breakthroughs and foster deep psychological healing.

Transpersonal psychology is a subfield that integrates spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with with science. It focuses on the entire person’s growth and potential, including mental, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions.

The benefits of ketamine-assisted therapy include rapid relief from depression and anxiety symptoms, especially for those with treatment-resistant conditions. It can facilitate profound psychological insights, emotional healing, and contribute to long-term improvements in mental health when combined with psychotherapy.

Ketamine-assisted couples therapy combines the administration of ketamine with couples counseling to deepen emotional connections, enhance communication, and resolve conflicts by fostering empathy and understanding within the relationship under the guidance of a trained therapist.

Yes, when administered under medical supervision in a controlled setting, ketamine therapy is safe and has been effectively used for treating various mental health conditions with minimal and manageable side effects.


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